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Top 3 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers UK

Weed Vaporizers – Why It Is Better Than Smoking

Whether you are smoking for medicinal use or for recreational use, smoking is damaging to our bodies. Especially for medicinal use, it is obvious to say, but still needs repeating that smoking cannabis (marijuana/weed) is hazardous to our health.

Smoking weed with tobacco makes the act many times worse, as you are not only burning the herb, but you are also inhaling nicotine, tar and other substances used to make the tobacco.

Tobacco is often smoked alongside weed, which is rolled using rolling papers; Rizla or the like. The tobacco is mixed in small amounts with the weed to keep the joint burning (so you dont have to keep lighting it).

Even without tobacco, the act of smoking cannabis is harmful to your health because it is the combustion of the cannabis that creates the smoke you inhale. Once inhaled, the general consensus is that you hold the smoke in for as long as you can to get the best high you can. Holding in the smoke is damaging your lungs further and is one of the prime causes of lung cancer as well as other respiratory problems.


Why You Are Wasting Weed By Smoking It

There is a perfect temperature the cannabis should be. Smoking it will burn the herb and you will be releasing 111 different components which are then exposed to your body (You can add more numbers to this when you are smoking with tobacco!). The toxic by-products of the burning of weed or causing combustion is mostly what you inhale and not the cannabinoids which is the active ingredient of the plant.

It is the cannabinoids in the herb that take effect in our body which has a medical effect and for recreational users, gives the high.

When smoking (burning) the herb, you are are only inhaling 12% of the goodness, the remaining 88% (increase this number when smoking with tobacco) is the different chemical components mentioned above.

Reading the above clearly shows that smoking is not only a big waste of money but is also damaging your health in a harsh way so why put your body through this?

Vaporize And Enjoy!

By vaporizing weed, you are heating it to a precise temperature and in turn, dehydrating the herb enabling it to release its goodness.

Foods which are made using the plant also carries the same benefits in terms of health, but the downside to edibles is that it takes time for it to take effect where smoking and vaping gives us instant gratification. This is the reason vaporizers are the best way to go!

As opposed to burning the plant where you have no control of the temperature, when vaporizing; you have control over the heat produced. There are some dry herb vaporizers which you cannot control the temperature of, but some of the better quality products give you the flexibility in heating temperatures.

Heating the weed to a specific temperature will release the active ingredients of the plant without igniting it. This way you don’t expose your body to harmful chemicals.

The ideal temperature of vaping weed depends on the device you are using but is generally between 338°F / 170°C and 383°F / 193°C.

When vaping weed at the optimal temperatures, you are getting the best from the plant without causing combustion. Vaping weed gives you 95% of the good stuff without any of the carcinogen that you get from burning.

Be careful even when vaping not to increase the temperature too much as if it does go beyond around 392°F / 200°C, then you will combust the plant and start to release some of the harmful components we are looking to avoid.

Vaping cannabis gives you an amazing 95% cannabinoids, the remaining 5% is small amounts of PAH and caryophyllene which is an essential oil found in many plants.

95% of the cannabis is absorbed in the first few seconds of inhalation, there is no need to hold the smoke in so taking shallow puffs will has around the same amount of effect.


To summarise here are the health benefits of vaping weed compared to smoking it;

  • Eliminating the by-products of the smoke such as carcinogen – which we get from any type of fire
  • Carcinogen is not only produced by the burning weed but also rolling paper. As many, many people like to smoke their weed in joints, they get the nasties from burning the weed, tobacco (where used) and also the rolling paper
  • Vaping actually feels nicer on your lungs than smoking – you enjoy the experience more than you would when smoking
  • No need for an ashtray when smoking, so no need to keep ashing then cleaning up – you will, however need somewhere to dispose of the used buds – but it is still much cleaner
  • Smoking through a pipe can also cause blockages in the device which you will need to frequently clean and maintain – no need with a vaporizer!
  • Vaping will not stain your teeth as much as smoking will – it is the 111 chemical compounds when smoking that stains and yellow’s teeth
  • The lingering smoke will no longer be an issue. When vaping, you will still get some smoke (it wouldn’t be very fun without it!), however, the smoke that you get from vaping is reduced a fair amount and will not make the room smell so bad
  • Getting the most out of your money – as stated above, when you are smoking you are effectively wasting your money because most of the goodness is burnt away leaving you with around 12% of the effect. When vaping you are extracting 95% of the THC – the active ingredient in the plant
  • Medicinal users need less cannabis for it to take effect when compared to eating or drinking it


Different Temperatures To Vape Weed & Its Effects

When you have a good quality vaporizer, you will have a range of different temperatures to play with. Here is a brief list on the temperatures and their effects;

  • 301°F / 150°C – slowly starting to heat up the weed – this is the best temperature to taste and enjoy the flavour of the plant. It is warm enough to start releasing some of its rich tones but not hot enough to extract the THC. This temperature will give you very little (if any) high, euphoric feeling
  • 356°F / 180°C – For Sativa and 374°F / 190°CFor Indica – for medicinal users, this is a great temperature to benefit from pain relief without the euphoric buzz from the THC which can effect their day to day functioning.
  • 375°F / 190°C – Is a good temperature for casual use during the daytime. This will allow you to function well and depending on the strain you are vaping, will increase focus and concentration levels
  • 391°F / 200°C – A good night time, relaxing temperature. You are on the verge of burning the weed but just keeping safe from it. This will give you the maximum release of all the goodness in the weed including the cannabinoids which are heavy in sedative properties. A good idea for a nightcap!


What Is DryHerbVaping.UK All About?

There are many medicinal benefits to cannabis, this is a known fact. Its not a bunch of potheads who are fighting for the legalisation of the plant, far from it.Many medical research studies have proven the benefits that come with weed in treating a number of diseases which, traditional western medicine simply cannot remedy.The two main active ingredients in weed are;

CBD – Cannabidiol. This is a property that doesn’t give you the euphoric or high feeling yet still has an impact on the brain.
THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the wider known property and is responsible for the high or buzz from the plant. THC has some beneficial properties, the main one worth noting is that it relieves pain.

Here are some of the diseases that have treated or eased the suffering with use of marijuana;


Increases pressure in the eye. This increased pressure can cause loss of vision as a result of damaged optic nerves.
Use of cannabis decreases this pressure and delays the symptoms of glaucoma. This, in turn, prevents blindness. It actually helps people with their vision!

Studies by The National Eye Institute in the 1970’s has proven this to be true. Follow this link to find out more on this study.


The big C word has effected nearly all of us, either directly or touched someone close. While many of the western medicines seem to work well, studies have shown that CBD stops cancer cells from spreading. Researchers have shown that in a study where a patient had breast cancer, after treatment using CBD, the cancer spreading cells were less aggressive.

Other studies in USA, Spain and Israel have taken place to further prove this and have discovered that the active ingredients on weed could even kill cancer cells!


Researchers from several hospitals have conducted studies on patients who suffer from arthritis and have found those who were treated with Sativex (a cannabis based medicine for pain relief) were getting a better nights sleep which in turn reduced discomfort. Beingable to sleep longer naturally helped their bodies heal naturally.
Crohn’s Disease
Crohn’s disease is a bowel disorder which symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite and weight.
Researchers in Israel have shown in a study that patients who suffer from Crohn’s disease have drastically eased the symptoms and in some cases caused complete remission of Crohns.
Parkinson’s Disease
Research in Israel has shown that the use of marijuana has significantly reduced the pain and tremors that come with Parkinson’s disease.
The treatment also helped the patients achieve a better nights sleep and more importantly, it helped improve motor skills.
Chemotherapy Pain Relief
Chemotherapy is a hard and painful process for anyone to endure. As a result of the pain, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite; patients are open to further health risks.
Cannabis helps by relieving the pain and nausea and promoting appetite.Besides the diseases listed above, there are many, many other issues that cannabis and the properties within helps to relieve or, in some cases, completely cure.
There is a lot of power and goodness in this plant which, if used wisely, can have many benefits to our health.So back to the original question, what is DryHerbVaping.UK all about?
I have started this site as I have been a keen vaping enthusiast myself for sometime.
There are, indeed, many dry herb vaporizers on the market today. It can be confusing on which one is best for you. While you don’t always want to pay an arm and a leg for one, it is also advised that you don’t go for the cheapest option because, well, they are just bad quality and besides not being able to function as well as you would like them to, they can also be dangerous.
This site will review vaporizers, for better or for worse, we aim to give you the most honest review on the products we believe to be the most popular in the market.If you have any questions or would like to request a review of a certain product, please feel free to contact us here.


Here is a very informative (and kinda cool) info-graphic on Smoking Vs Vaporizing Weed

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