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MistVape Touch Review 2017 – 2018

MistVape are known to produce some of the best vaporizers on the market. Their biggest selling point for their vapes is that they are hand crafted and have a very nice artisan feel to them. The Essence is another vape from MistVape, except, unlike The Touch, The

MistVape Essence Review – 2017 – 2018

The Essence By MistVape The Essence is the latest product by the hand made crafting company, MistVape. MistVape also brought you the Touch. Initial Thoughts & Functioning The unit itself looks very nice. It has a 2 tone wood finish and you can tell that a lot

Dynavap Omnivap TI Woody XLS Review 2017 – 2018

Omnivap & Woody XLS – Dynavap Review Excited to say the least to bring you some of the best dry herb vapes on the market. Today I will be reviewing; The Omnivap XL Titanium TI Woody XLS TI Carbon S Dynastash Boxes TLDR: Exceptional vapes. Not only

DaVinci IQ Review – 2017 – 2018

IQ Vaporizer Review From an industry recognised manufacturer, DaVinci, comes their latest and quite possibly their greatest offering. The IQ. TLDR: Great stealth. Small, fits in the hand very well Excellent vapor production, nice and smooth satisfying vapour production Replaceable 18650 batteries Very cool LED display Precision

Arizer Air 2 Review 2017 – 2018

Arizer Air II Review Quick overview TLDR; Excellent vapor quality / production Interchangeable 18650 batteries Micro USB charging port Brought to you by the well-known manufacturer, Arizer who have been in the industry for over a decade! The Air II in terms of looks, is quite similar to The

OmniVap: Blackwood – By Dynavap – Review 2017 – 2018

One of the best vaporizers I have used. Quick, small, very powerful – non-reliant on batteries and simply awesome. Blackwood OmniVap Review First Impressions Don’t let the size fool you, while being very compact; this little vape packs one hell of a punch! It hits hard, you

Arizer Solo 2 Review – 2017 – 2018

Arizer Solo II Review Being a fan of Arizer, I was quite anxious and excited to test their newest product, The Solo 2.  This is definitely my new favourite vape 🙂 The Pros; Retains the awesome vapour quality that Arizer are famous for Extremely fast heat up

Arizer Air Review 2017 – 2018

The Arizer Air Reviewed Another very good product from Arizer, The Air is truly one of the best herb vaporisers I have used! Read on to find out why! Pros; Interchangeable battery – Using a universal 18650 battery means you can buy a pack of these and

Firefly 2 Review 2017 – 2018

Firefly 2 One Hit Wonder Review One of the best on-demand herb vaporisers on the market today. Some of the pros for the Firefly 2 Vaporiser; Incredibly rapid heat up time Ideal for one-hitters Precision temperature control via a smart phone app / bluetooth Very easy to

PAX 3 Review – 2017 – 2018

When it comes to cannabis-oriented vaporisers that aim to be highly portable, stealthy, stylish, functional, reliable and as versatile as possible, then none come quite as close as the PAX 3, the latest from the PAX range of high-end, high-quality portable vaporisers. While the PAX 2 was