Can Weed Vapes Explode? Find Out Here!

Vaping has taken the world like a storm, with countless individuals now vaping their favorite herbs to help them stay healthy.

While vaping has numerous benefits, one of the major risks of vaping has always been exploding vaporizer units.

As vaping becomes more popular, the risk of this issue becomes more prevalent as it can cause injuries to both the individual and others nearby.

Weed vapes explode, but this is not a common occurrence. They do not always explode, but when they do, it can be dangerous because they can ignite combustible material like dry herb or tobacco.

Marijuana vapes produce vapor and can be a source of fire. There have also been reports of vapes catching on fire. Fire can cause a serious risk of explosions, resulting in serious injury or death.

For this reason, it is important to know how to identify a vaporizer unit that is on the verge of exploding, and what to do to prevent such occurrences from occurring.

But first, we need to know what causing vape to explode. Keep reading this article as we provide why and how to prevent it.

What causes vapes to explode

Vapes are exploding without warning. People have been horribly injured, sustaining facial burns and heart attacks, while others have lost limbs in these explosions.

The time has come for the industry to take a long look at vapes. After all, explosions are not just an inconvenience, they are a serious safety issue.

You might think that the most important piece of equipment you need in your vape collection is the box that holds the vape pen, but you would be wrong. You need to make sure your vape pen doesn’t burst into flames during your next session.

Below are reason’s why capes explode:

Overcharged battery

What happens to your vape when you leave it charging for hours on end? Is it because the battery is too weak or too powerful? Or is it really because the battery is turning into a bomb?

It is like that old saying that you don’t need to see the forest to know that the trees are in the forest. It should be obvious that the battery is going to explode in a few hours.

Overcharging the batteries of many vapes can cause them to burst into flames while in use. The cause of the problem is often a loose battery connector or a battery that isn’t made to handle the extra charge.

Even worse, these problems may have been created by the manufacturer, since there is no standard on how much voltage a battery can take.

Mislabeled batteries

The problem with mislabeled batteries is that they can cause overheating or even explosions. If you have a vape that has a battery that is labeled as a different one, then you need to ensure that you have only the original battery in your vape.

This is due to the fact that the different amp ratings of the batteries can cause the batteries to overheat. If your vape battery is labeled as a different amp rating, then you need to swap the batteries out.

Many vapers know that in some circumstances, a mislabeled battery can cause explosions. That’s why it’s important to read the pack carefully before vaping and don’t let strangers handle your equipment.

Low-resistance coils

It’s a fine line between a good vape and a bad vape. Bad vape’s usually happened after you over-tighten, over-wax, over-fill, over-charge, or over-heat.

But some vapes can also blow up when you use coils that are too low resistance. This happens when the resistance of the coil gets too low, causing the liquid to boil and the temperature to rise so high that the coil can’t handle the heat, causing it to short out or melt.

This is a little-known fact that consumers should be made aware of and low-resistance coils should be avoided by all vapers.

Loose batteries carried in pockets or purses

For most vapers, the solution is to take out the battery and charge it up. This is no good for vapers who like to vape through their own decks.

Because your vapes have a battery that needs to be plugged into a charger to charge, and unplugging it during vaping could lead to serious damage.

It can be dangerous to carry loose batteries in your pocket or purse. The battery could short and cause a combustible chemical reaction that leads to a fire.

Even worse, if your vape battery is improperly stored, it could overheat and explode, with flames as big as a softball.

Using vape pen with atomizer

Unfortunately, when you purchase a vape pen with an atomizer, you probably run the risk of an exploding vape pen.

The most common cause of this happening is the atomizer getting over-filled with oil, which causes the atomizer to heat up to temperatures that exceed its overheat protection.

When the atomizer gets hot, it can eventually burn and then explode, causing a pretty big mess.

How to prevent weed vapes from exploding?

There is no way to prevent weed vapes from exploding, but you can minimize it. Weed vapes are exploding.

As more and more people turn to these devices to get stoned, we’ve seen a rise in the number of reports of vapes exploding.

Most of the time this doesn’t really impact people, but there’s a small chance that it can cause serious injury. But how can you prevent this from happening?

There are only two ways to prevent weed vapes from exploding:

1. You can wrap your vape in a cloth

If you’ve been using weed vapes for a while and want to protect your investment, you may want to try a cloth vape wrap.

If you’ve never tried one of these things, they’re essentially fabric-based sleeves that are placed over the heating coil of your vape.

The idea is that they can help prevent the coil from getting too hot, which in turn helps prevent the risk of hurting yourself if you have a vape that can get too hot.

2. You can purchase an extra vape tank from a vape shop

If you are new to vaping, you may be surprised to learn that some vape tanks can explode, or even worse – leak. While this is a rare occurrence, it can happen, and it only takes one leak to ruin a day.

To prevent this, many vapers purchase an extra tank from a vape shop, to prevent their device from exploding.

Additional tips

If you’ve ever had a vape, you know that the vapor can get pretty hot, especially if you’re heating up an herb that packs a punch.

While it can sometimes seem like a random occurrence. We have some simple tips that you can follow to prevent your vaporizer from blowing up.

  • Regularly check your vape to make sure it’s not damaged and has an updated battery.
  • You can also clean the vape by using a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol.
  • You should also always clean the coils.
  • A weed tank can explode if you don’t clean it regularly with an attachment, and that can lead to small pieces of the tank being shot into your lungs.
  • Make sure you’re storing your weed vape in something that’s fireproof. It’s that easy.
  • Store vapes in a safe place and is sure to put the battery in a fire-proof container when disposing of it.
  • If you choose to vape, you should use a vaporizer that is approved by the FDA to ensure that you are not inhaling any smoky smoke.

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