Dynavap Omnivap TI Woody XLS Review 2019 – 2020

dynavap review

Omnivap & Woody XLS – Dynavap Review

Excited to say the least to bring you some of the best dry herb vapes on the market.

Today I will be reviewing;

  • The Omnivap XL Titanium
  • TI Woody XLS
  • TI Carbon S
  • Dynastash Boxes

TLDR: Exceptional vapes. Not only are they gorgeous to look at but also extremely functional and you get amazing vapour quality and effect in each bowl. As a bonus the parts are also interchangeable on some of the models.


The Omnivap XL Titanium

dynavap reviewThis is a longer version of the little brother Omnivap Titanium.

The titanium goes amazingly far in keeping the vape cool even when vaping a few bowls in short time.

The XL in the titanium means your vapor will also be cooler than the non-XL.

The bowl is adjustable as the other models which allows you to put in as much or as little herb as you desire.

You can use any heat source to light the cap. However, with a normal flame it will take a long time to heat and your herb probably will get heated evenly.

The best heat source is a butane lighter. You can get single, double, triple or quadruple lighters. Ive found the best type of butane lighter for The Dynavap is a double flame.

It is super important to heat the cap correctly to get the best quality of vapor. If you heat it too long, it will burn (combust) your herb. This will leave a bad taste in the vape and it will make you cough. On the other hand, if you heat it too short a time; you will not get satisfying vapor production.


Obey the click.

When lighting the cap, keep the flame an inch or so away. Turn the vape while lighting so as to get the heat distributed evenly around the chamber.

Once you hear the click, you can, heat it for another second or two to get a little more umph in your draw. Remember, any more than a second or two and it will combust.

The beauty of the cap is that it is designed to click at the optimal temperature.

It will also click once when it cools down.

The first draw you aren’t likely to get the most amount of vape but the first draw will most definitely give you the best taste.

Second draw will give you a good amount of vapor. It is important to wait until you hear the cool-down click from the first draw. If you don’t (I made this mistake), it will burn your herb.

The carb is a good feature. It is basically a hole that allows you to control the airflow during the draw. I let some air in in short bursts during my bowls and it really does make the world of difference to vapor production and quality.

All of the products from Dynavap are super efficient when it comes to conserving herb. A few draws and you can definitely feel the effect right away. This is where torch heated vapes overtake the battery powered ones.

The Differentiators In TI Woody XLS

Love the wood finish in the body as well as the wood mouthpiece.

This actually feels and looks really nice in the hand.

In terms of vapor production and quality, it is very nice but not quite as good as the Omnivap TI XLS.omivap review

The Differentiators In TI Carbon S

As this is slightly smaller in length, I found the vapor to be not quite as cool as the longer XLS versions. By no means was the vapor harsh at all.

I do like the look of the Carbon finish. The spinning mouth piece is wooden and this I do appreciate.

Once you have used the XLS versions, going back to the regular size just feels not quite as nice 🙂


Dynastash Box

The Dynastash box, much like the vapes, are also very nice looking. I have the Cocobolo and Bocote and they are very handy.

Not only will they safely store and protect your Dynavap vapes but they also have a magnet built right in to the box.

This magnet is a very welcome feature. When the cap is hot and you want to dispose the avb, refill a new bowl; you can use the magnet to remove the cap. This is immensely useful.


All in all, we have tested many vapes on the market and The Dynavap range is one of the best by far.

It is ideal for quick sessions as well as long sessions. The vapor quality and production is one of the best in the market. It is super efficient in terms of conserving your herb. The Dynavap products are all super nice to look at and very photogenic.

Since my Dynavap products were delivered; I can honestly say, I’ve not used my other vapes nearly as much as I used to.


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