PAX 3 Review – 2019 – 2020


When it comes to cannabis-oriented vaporisers that aim to be highly portable, stealthy, stylish, functional, reliable and as versatile as possible, then none come quite as close as the PAX 3, the latest from the PAX range of high-end, high-quality portable vaporisers. While the PAX 2 was a solid product, the PAX 3 has seen a number of significant improvements, and is overall a noticeably more enjoyable vape. Let’s take a look at its various features, and review how each part comes together to form a highly effective and satisfying whole.

pax-3-reviewFirst of all, here’s a list of everything you get when you purchase this product:

  • The main vaporising unit, which is exceptionally small and compact, just a little bigger than the size of your palm.
  • Two mouthpieces – flat and extended. The flat is for you to enjoy when alone, the raised is ideal when sharing with friends.
  • Three oven lids – a full-oven, a half-oven, and a canister that is also built for concentrates. A huge bonus!
  • Extremely stealthy, and pocket / purse friendly.
  • Magnetic charger that connects to a USB.
  • Patented PAX multi-tool to pack and empty the oven.
  • A pack of several pipe cleaners and a brush for general maintenance.
  • A ten-year guaranteed warranty.
  • Also worth mentioning is that the unit is currently available in four colours: black, gold, silver, and a limited edition rose-gold sheen.

For the price, this a very reasonable amount of additional starter equipment, but of course what you’re really paying for is the technology of the vape itself, so let’s begin by talking about what using the unit is like, and what’s been upgraded since the previous model, the PAX 2.

Well, first of all the unit is similar to the PAX 2 in that it’s designed to fit snugly in the palm of your hand, and is sleekly designed with a gorgeous minimal look and ergonomic shape. While the PAX 2 had a brushed aluminium finish, the PAX 3 has upped its game with a polished aluminium finish, looking shinier, smoother and going for an even more futuristic look than its already impressive predecessor.

The simple, four-point LED interface is just as easy to use as ever, as well as now having the ability to be controlled remotely from an app, which we’ll go into detail about later. Little additions like shaking the unit to check the battery life are extremely useful, and the unit comes with four built-in heat settings, changeable by holding the top button, cycling through, and selecting by holding once again. This is extremely easy to use, and quickly becomes second nature.


One improvement over the PAX 2 is that the unit takes significantly less time to heat up, now taking about ten to twenty seconds to heat up fully compared to the PAX 2’s forty-five. The LED glows purple as it heats up, and then turns green, with a soft vibration to let you know when it’s fully heated, which is an excellent touch.

The oven at the top can hold approximately 0.35g of tightly-packed weed, and when packed normally, produces a very even heat distribution that results in a very efficient vaping session, where pretty much all the weed is vaporised thoroughly.

The unit uses a 3500 mAh battery, an improvement on the PAX 2’s 3000 mAh, and the battery life lasts approximately ninety minutes depending on use, which can provide you with an estimated seven decent-sized vaping sessions.

Charging the battery is extremely easy, using the included magnetic charger which you can plug into any USB port, and you can expect a fully-charged unit in about two to three hours.

As stated before, the purchase of the unit comes with two different mouthpieces and three separate oven lids, depending on your preference. There’s a plain mouthpiece that acts as a completely flat edge, and an extended mouthpiece supposedly intended to fit your mouth easier, but depending on which you happen to like better, both are equally valid to use.

There are also three lids to cover the heating chamber – a full-oven lid, with slightly less thickness, and a half-oven lid, with a larger thickness, making way more that extra efficiency depending on how much you choose to pack in.

The third chamber lid comes with a canister insert designed for concentrates – it’s worth noting that you should be careful to keep your wax within the insert but away from the two protruding holes, in order to avoid clogging and disrupting the mechanism. There are also three replacement metal screens included for this insert, which should keep you going for a good while before having to purchase more.

Taking all this into account, when actually using the vaporiser, if you’re familiar with the PAX 2, you might notice that the PAX 3 has significantly less draw resistance, and has an incredibly smooth pull and excellent flavour quality. Its internal sensors are fantastically built, and seem to reliably understand when you are taking a toke, or when you’re putting it down, and act accordingly, meaning that the PAX 3 is a vaporiser that aims for maximum efficiency in your weed usage without needing too much maintenance or unnecessary fiddling about.

It’s certainly the cutting-edge of vaporiser technology. It’s also easy to use with appropriate water pipes, for those looking for an even smoother ‘hit’ of vapour – the maximum heat setting is recommended when using it in this fashion.

Speaking of which, as mentioned before, you can now download the recommended PAX 3 app to be able to control the PAX 3 easily and remotely from your phone, using Bluetooth. The app comes with a number of features, such as immediate control of the temperature (to the exact degree), as well as the ability to control the brightness of the LED lights, but it also comes with five pre-set temperature profiles: A default ‘Standard’ setting; ‘Boost’, which stays hotter for longer, with less auto-cooling; ‘Efficiency’, which as it sounds, aims to adjust itself accordingly; ‘Stealth’, which cools quicker to lessen its smell and has lower LED lighting for low-profile vaping; and finally ‘Flavour’, which preserves battery life by heating more actively up and down as you pull.

It also comes with three games – PAX Spin, which uses the LED lights in a take on ‘spin the bottle’; PAX Run, in which you rotate the device to avoid a red ‘enemy’ light; and PAX Says, which is, as you might expect, a take on the game ‘Simon Says’.  The app is available on iOS and Android, and is steadily updated, incredibly intuitive, and adds another dimension to the PAX 3 and the versatility of how you can use it.

Overall, the PAX 3 is a huge leap forward compared to the PAX 2, and when compared to similar vaporisers on the market, such as the Crafty Vaporiser and the Firefly 2, its size, shape and simplicity is outstanding. If you’re in the market for a long-term investment in a vaporiser that you can enjoy at home and when you’re out and about, then the PAX 3 has to be the clearest and strongest recommendation. Its design and technology come together to create a fabulous vaping experience, and will see you enjoy a number of enjoyable and cost-effective sessions for long into the foreseeable future.



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