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Pros: Excellent vaping and amazing taste. Good battery life. Beginner friendly.

Arizer Solo Review

arizer solo uk reviewA very nice portable dry herb vaporizer, The Solo made by Arizer has some very cool features and is basically a quality product for the price you pay.

Arizer, known for their other vaporizers such as The Air and The Extreme-Q, are a company which are famous for their premium products and close attention to detail and when using The Solo, you can clearly see nothing but this.

The Solo is a very powerful, effective, yet portable vaporizer. It is small enough that you can travel with it but not quite “stealth” enough for you to hide and vape.

Here are some of the features;

  • A decent enough battery life. You will get around at least 8 x 10-12 minute sessions – one of the best battery lives when it comes to portable vaporizers
  • 2-3 hour recharge time
  • Light to carry around and small enough to be portable
  • Extremely heavy vaping experience. You get nice, thick clouds of smoke and the vape is clean and tastes very nice
  • Able to use concentrates as well as the herbs – a nice feature if you are planning on vaping cocktails
  • Takes around a minute and a half to heat up to a good level
  • Solid exterior which will not easily break when dropped – the mouth piece which is made of glass can break easily, however
  • Extremely user friendly and quick to get started – only takes a minute and a half for the chamber to warm up!
  • Ceramic heating elements which helps increase the speed in a short space of time
  • Lithium battery powers the vaporizer and has LED lights to show you the temperature levels
  • Glass mouth piece to enhance the taste – this is better than some of the leading desktop vapors. The Solo’s glass mouth piece enhances the taste many times over. Plastic mouth pieces used in other devices, unfortunately, are unable to do this
  • Direct draw from The Solo makes sure that you are very efficient with the weed and does work hard so as not to have any waste

arizer solo uk review 2015

Below are the temperature settings for The Solo.

  • Temperature 1: 50° C / 122° F
  • Temperature 2: 185° C / 365° F
  • Temperature 3: 190° C / 374° F
  • Temperature 4: 195° C / 383° F
  • Temperature 5: 200° C / 392° F
  • Temperature 6: 205° C / 401° F
  • Temperature 7: 210° C / 410° F

Fun Fact: Laurence Fishburne (and his on screen wife) use The Arizer Solo on the TV show; Hannibal.


The bottom line is that The Solo is a very good vaporizer. It is well made and it more than serves its purpose and you do get value for money.

The vape is very good and clean – you get a nice thick cloud from the device. The taste is awesome thanks to its mouth piece made of glass.

The Solo is a good choice, especially to those of you who are new to vaping. If you are looking for something small, powerful and very easy to set up and use, The Solo is the best choice for you.

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