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The G Pro is decent for the price you pay. Personally, I would spend a little more and get a better rated vaporizer!

g pro herbal vaporizerGrenco have always been able to impress the Vaporizer crowd with regular releases of new and exciting products to look forward to. With the new G Pro Vaporizer, it’s time to decide whether the brand name really does translate into a product that is worth buying on day one.

Right off the bat I should say then that the G Pro Vaporizer is a fantastic product that is packed with features and nice little touches that will be sure to delight those who will buy it. The G Pro Vaporizer has three heating settings, acclimating to the growing desire of the market of having more customisability in their products. With these three heating settings you will be able to customise the density and thickness of the smoke, the taste and how much odour is exuded because of it.

Despite the fact that many vaporizers come with one heating setting that is usually perfect, it’s always better for the user to have the choice so that they can have the best experience that they want.

The G Pro Vaporizer is also very sophisticated in nature and aesthetic with a smooth and subtle look that is sure to draw envious looks. But don’t be mistaken, the delicate and sleek look of the G Pro Vaporizer doesn’t mean it isn’t tough, in fact, it is rather sturdy and although I wouldn’t recommend it, if you drop it, it should be fine and ready to use again in no time.

The G Pro Vaporizer is the start of a new line of vaporizers for the Grenco Company and it is off to a fantastic start. With increased customisability and a look that will endure and no doubt be copied by it’s competitors, the G Pro Vaporizer will stand the test of time and be shown as one of the best selling Vaporizers to come out in 2015 for the price tag.

There are better alternatives for the price you pay, The Flowermate Vapormax V5.0S is a good choice for the next step up without spending too much money.

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