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When you are looking for a portable vaporiser which is not only stealth but also has a rapid heat up time, excellent vapour quality and an elegant design; you need look no further than The Grasshopper by Hopper Labs.

We have tested and reviewed many vaporizers in todays market and we have to say The Grasshopper is definitely one of the best.


  • Extremely stealthy! Looks like a high quality pen!
  • Very quick heat up time, just a few seconds to reach your desired heat setting
  • Adjustable temperature 130 °C – 210 °C (266 °F – 410 °F)
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Nice and satisfying airflow and clouds
  • Bonus silicone mouth piece
  • Replaceable batteries


  • The stainless steel version can get a little hot too quick


I was very excited upon receiving the package and couldn’t wait to open up the box and start to assemble the device. As a welcomed addition, the nice people over at hopper labs have sent me a Performance Front End (wider mouth piece), as shown in the image below to aid in draw resistance, and also prevent mouthpiece heating for longer sessions. I shall put this to the test, and report back on its effectiveness soon.

Upon opening the box, you are presented with the vape which resembles a slightly larger than standard Parker pen. The appearance makes a perfect portable vape, that cannot be identified as anything other than a quality pen. Beneath the pen lies the charging USB cable, which pops onto the top of the vape, around the ‘clicker/power’ button. To my surprise this is a magnetic connection, much like MagSafe apple chargers. Also packaged is a silicon mouth piece to use over the regular mouth piece to prevent your lips from getting too hot.

An instructions pamphlet and a sticker of the grasshopper logo, is also included in the packaging. Opening up the device further, (by unscrewing the top) you can reveal the replaceable battery, which looks like an elongated AA battery.

grasshopper-vape-review-ukThe Build

Right off the bat, you can tell the quality of the device feels premium. The packaging is well presented and immediately assures you that you have made a good investment.

The device itself is sleek. Very sexy. The temperature control on the top is a dial which allows you to easily set the best temperature as per your preference.

Once the contents are in and the temp is set, you simply ‘click’ it on (as you would a pen) and the light turns red. This means it is heating up.

In just a few seconds you will be greeted by the blue light which means its time to vape!

The Vape

The first hit will give you a very nice flavour but not much cloud (if any). The second hit onwards will definitely give you clouds.

The vapour itself is a little warmer when compared to other vapourisers (such as The Arizer) but not enough to get you coughing.

After a few hits you will want to give the contents a little stir.

When you have finished, empty the herb chamber and refill as desired 🙂grasshopper vaporizer

The usb charger is a very user-friendly magnetic connection. It just ‘snaps’ on the top of the Grasshopper.

The blinking red light means its charging and when you see the blue lighf, you are done!

Grasshopper are also kind enough to supply an extra batter to ensure you will always have power.


As said above, we love this vape. It is stealthy, rapid heat up time, portable, great tasting, nice clouds and it has replaceable batteries.

Definitely one of the best portables on the market.