Build Quality
Battery Life
User rating
Pros: Premium Quality Vape Amazing Taste Great Clouds Powerful Battery Quick Heatup Time
Cons: Not too stealth

When it comes to portable or pocket vaporisers; the ultimate product is The Mighty by Storz & Bickel (lowest price here!).

After having tried and tested countless different vaporisers on the market, I find myself always coming back to The Mighty because it;

  • Has an amazing battery life
  • Quick heat up time
  • Precise temperature control
  • Full flavour vape
  • Great thick clouds

Really, The Mighty is a portable vape that fits in your pocket that is in the league of a desktop vaporiser.

Storz & Bickel are known for the quality products and they have certainly delivered with The Mighty.

It comes with a cleaning brush, mesh screen for when packing the chamber below the fullest, replacement silicone rings for the various parts of the unit, grinder and a filling tool. The manufacturers have really gone all out and have definitely catered for all scenarios. This is what impressed me the most as its where other companies charge for the spares but Storz & Bickel have included this for free!

mighty-vaporiser reviewThe Mighty itself is self sufficient as in once your bowl is full you can go ahead and start your session without needing the spares. Just fill up your filling tool and you are ready to go.

Within the unit itself comes a detachable poker attachment, which enables you to mix around your content during the session. Once you are done mixing, simply insert the attachment back inside The Mighty and you are ready to go!

Another very good point in The Mighty is the fact that you can use the vape while it is charging. This is a huge bonus as other vapes do not allow this.

You can change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit by holding both the up and down buttons.

The vibration function is great as it lets you know when the unit is ready to be used.

The vape quality is extremely smooth, it is not hot and it doesn’t burn your throat.

The content heating process is very even so you wont get a certain part of the oven that gets hotter than other parts.

Overall this is the best portable vape out there. It has some great features and the quality of vape you get is premium – equivalent to that of a good quality desktop vape.

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