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Pros: Great portable vaporizer Nice smooth vape Extremely sexy unit Amazing light show! Easy to maintain - cleaning kit provided
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Pax 2 Review By PAX Labs

ploom pax ukComing off the original iterations of the Ploom Pax models, the manufacturer had a lot to prove to it’s customers and whether they are able to take the constructive feedback given seriously. Luckily for us, it seems that with the Ploom Pax 2, Ploom have managed to make one of their greatest products to date.

The Pax 2 by PAX Labs is all about giving you a stress free vaporizing experience, which won’t drain the battery when you’re not using it. Using intuitive technologies such as lip sensing and the cooling off to sense when it is not being used, The Pax will automatically turn itself off meaning you should never have to worry about the battery life.

The Pax 2 is easy and simple to use with a single button use making the vaporising experience easy for first timers. The sleek and smart design of the vaporizer also makes it seem like it is trying to imitate the famous Apple aesthetic, but that is by no means a bad thing. This pocket sized vaporizer is dressed to impress and will always be considered as one of the more stylish vaporizers on the market.

The Pax 2 has many other features to boot such as 4 heating settings. By having 4 heating settings The Pax 2 is more user friendly than many of the competition’s equivalent products which is more than a few bonus points in the pocket for the team at PAX Labs.

With features such as a magnetic USB charging dock, a redesigned non-popup mouthpiece, and a more efficient battery that heats up the PAX 2 in less than a minute while also improving battery life as well as the popular party mode feature.

One of the features that most intrigues me is the surprise, hidden features that Pax have managed to cram into this sexy little unit. I have been playing with my Pax 2 for some days now and not yet managed to find them all. (Hint: you can Google to find out more!).

The Pax 2 will become a staple in the market for months, if not years, to come.

The Unboxing

The Pax 2 USA is a high quality product. This is shown instantly before even having seen the vaporizer. The box and the presentation is very well done.

Much like how Apple presents its products with the word premium starting from the outside and working its way in to the actual products, Pax has followed suit and have very much succeeded in their goal.

When buying anything, especially from the internet, I find, the presentation of the product sets the whole scene and The Pax 2 is certainly positioning itself as a high end vaporizer.

When opening up the flap using the ribbon, you are presented with The Pax 2 unit in all of its glory!

Removing the vape as well as the cardboard insert it sits in exposes two boxes on either side of where The Pax 2 sat. One of the boxes contains the cleaning kit (as well as a raised mouth piece). The other is the charging kit.

The cleaning kit consists of:

PAX Labs have done a very good job of giving you everything you need to start using the product and keeping it clean for a decent amount of time. You can buy the cleaning kit as separate from PAX Labs themselves in the future and its fairly affordable and certainly a must for regular users.

The Pax 2 comes attached with a flat, flush mouth piece as standard. Users of The original Pax device may have gotten custom to the raised mouth piece and so Pax have catered for them too.

Personally, I prefer the flush mouth piece. It just looks cooler and performs just as well as the raised mouth piece.

The charging kit is esentially a magnetic cradle like product and the USB that attaches between the power source and the cradle.

The charging device itself is very cool and one of the best things about The Pax 2. You simply plug the USB into any power outlet, when you need to charge the unit, you attach the device to the cradle, the magnetic fields will find themselves when positioned close enough. This is very cool as you can literally just snap it on without having to fiddle around with cables and find the port.



The oven where the herb goes in is closed off with a magnetic lid, which you press gently on one side to expose the other so you can lift it off. You then have a nice and even space to insert your product. I prefer it to be flatter as opposed to being taller (like it is on the V2 Series 3 and 7) as it promotes a more even heat distribution. The size of the oven is adequate for a few sessions (this of course depends on the size of your sessions, heat settings and draw size).

Another point worth noting is the fact that when the product is in use, the herb is actually sat on the lid as opposed to the oven base. I find this gives further more efficiency in heat flow.

Once the herbs are in you are ready to fire up the bad boy!

Click the button once to switch it on, and it starts to heat up to your desired temperature. The light will turn green indicating that you are ready to use the vape. Other instructions have recommended to draw on the Pax 2 as you would a cigar, I find this works extremely well.

Once done with your session, click to turn it off and return to it when ready again.

If you do leave it long enough, it will automatically power itself to standby.

The clever lip-sensing technology means you simply have to draw on it when it standby mode and it will restart the heating process.

The vape is smooth. The device stays perfectly cool in the lower settings, but as soon as you go on to the highest setting, the device does start getting quite warm. Other reviewers have stated it gets hot, it does not. After a while (say 15-20 minutes) of being on the hottest setting, the device gets warm – but it is in no way unbearable.


Tips & Tricks To Note

As many of you know Pax give away what they call “Easter eggs” – these are hidden features in the Pax. There are plenty of them out there, just a matter of discovering them. I discovered two, you turn it 5 times and you have a very cool light show. At 12 turns, you get The Simon game.



Overall, The Pax 2 is a very sexy vaporizer. It not only looks good and is very stealth, but it also performs very well indeed. You can tell it is a high end product just by the feel of it, when in use this is confirmed.


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