Why Does Vaping Weed Make Me Cough? Here’s Our Answer!

The question of why do you cough when you vape weed is a common one. For some, it is a common side effect that they are willing to live with, for others, it is one of the main reasons they vape in the first place.

It’s unclear what exactly causes the coughing, other than it’s a symptom of something else. But it’s pretty clear there is some correlation between the use of cannabis and the onset of coughing, though the actual reason behind it is still unknown.

Weed is one of the most common substances used to smoke marijuana. Now, vaping weed is becoming more popular since it is more discreet and easy to use.

However, a couple of things may happen to you while you’re using it. In this article, I’m here to tell you that there is a reason why vaping weed makes you cough.

Reasons why vaping weed make you cough

It’s unclear what exactly causes the coughing, other than it’s a symptom of something else. But it’s pretty clear there is some correlation between the use of cannabis and the onset of coughing, though the actual reason behind it is still unknown.

Vaping removes the harmful and addictive components of smoking pretty conclusively, but the coughing is a side effect of the vapor itself. It’s the chemicals within the vape that causes the coughing, not the vaping itself.

Because smoking dry herbs create clouds of smoke, it can irritate the lungs and throat, which is why you may experience coughing or shortness of breath. Below are some reasons that cause cough while vaping weed.

1. Hot and dry

  • Dry

A common complaint of those who use vaping devices is that they will often get a dry throat. Dry mouth and throat irritation are fairly common side effects of smoking.

Some people find they compensate by sucking on hard candy or drinking water, which can make smoking more difficult. It can also take a while for the throat to recover from the effects.

The reason for this is that the throat and mouth are involved in a complex system of reflexes, which we call the cough reflex.

  • Hot

If you are using a vaporizer, so you are inhaling the active ingredients in the cannabis or dry herbs that are heated to a temperature that produces an inhalable vapor but little or no smoke.

Vaping weed makes you cough if it is hot and dry because the hot air that you inhale has low moisture content and low oxygen content. This condition can result in mild irritation, post-nasal drip, and coughing.

2. Cause by THC

One of the reasons why vaping is very popular in different parts of the world is because it is safer than smoking raw weed. However, there is one common cause that causes various kinds of coughing after vaping marijuana.

THC is main ingredient in weed that is responsible for causing coughing among people who vape, it is because your body is getting into the marijuana’s THC, which is the substance that makes you high.

This is a misconception since THC doesn’t have any kind of effect on you when you are not high. It is just THC vapor that you are inhaling.

 3. Lungs are sensitive

While vaping can reduce the health risks of smoking marijuana, it can also cause coughing and other negative effects.

The lungs are sensitive not to mention they are in charge of filtering out toxins and purging our bodies of toxins. Just ask a smoker, they know all about this!

Vaping a plant-based vapor like dry herb or wax is a way to elude the lung’s immune response, but as you may know, vaping weed is still a risk to those hard-working lungs.

4. Long term effects of using

When it comes to vape, coughing is a common side effect that some vapers experience. In fact, it is the most common reason people quit vaping.

But, science shows that coughing is not a normal part of the vaping experience. In fact, it is a long-term effect of vaping weeds.

Cough caused by the vape weed smoke

The formation of a lung irritation can occur due to the inhalation of smoke, which can be caused by using the dry herb vape.

The irritation can be particularly severe and can lead to respiratory problems, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, and even chronic lung disease.

If you vape your weed, you’ve probably heard of the classic vaping “symptoms” of dry throat, eyes, and nose. But there are some other differences that are specific to vaporizing weed.

Because smoke is released slowly, rather than in a sudden burst of hot air, it is not hot enough to burn your lungs when you inhale it.

Smoking weed is also not as noticeable as other drugs because the smoke is produced more slowly. It is an important note, though, that marijuana smoke still contains carcinogens and toxic substances that are harmful to your lungs.

These substances can be found in the smoke, especially when marijuana is burned on the end of a cigarette or pipe, or in the ashtray of a bong or water.

Cough caused by the vapor

If you notice coughing when using your vaporizer, it is possible because of the vapor. Vaporizers will vape the essential oils instead of the plant.

The essential oils are what cause coughing. You can try vaping with a dry herb vaporizer for a more enjoyable experience. There are also a lot of different essential oils you can use to make your vaping experience better.

Getting sick from the vapors is an unfortunate aspect of vaping that many of us have experienced at least once or twice during our vaping journey.

It is a consequence of doing something that is not safe, and it is something that can be avoided. It is something that can be prevented or controlled.

However, if you are experiencing coughing fits and dry, hacking coughs, it might not be caused by the vapor, but by an allergy to the ingredients in the plant material.

Will vaping weed can damage your lungs?

Are you concerned about the health risks of vaping weed? Many people think that all the toxins they inhale when they vape are going to destroy their lungs or damage their respiratory system.

This isn’t true. As we know, there are a lot of toxins inside a cannabis plant. The marijuana plant contains at least 400 different kinds of chemicals, which affect our bodies in different ways.

Vaping is a way of vaporizing plant material and inhaling the resulting vapor, which you can do with a variety of devices, including electronic cigarettes, vape pens, and portable vaporizers.

While scientific studies have shown that vaping is relatively safe, it still poses risk to the lungs and other organs.

The long-term effects of marijuana on lung health remain largely unknown. Still, many vapers are concerned about using anything that could potentially affect their respiratory health.

For a heavy smoker or someone with an existing respiratory problem, vaping can potentially be damaging.

But, using an e-cigarette can damage your lungs. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows e-cigarettes produce a similar amount of cancer-causing chemicals as are produced by regular cigarettes.

 Signs of lung injury

If you just started smoking or vaping marijuana, your lungs will likely be more sensitive to the irritants found in it. Vaping marijuana can cause your throat to feel irritated if you are new to the process. 

Today we’re sharing with you some of the signs of lung injury when you’re using the dry herb vaporizer because it’s all too common for people to be unaware of. The good news is that lung injury is extremely rare, but the signs can be easy to miss.

You should immediately seek medical attention if you experience symptoms that could be signs of lung injury.

Symptoms of lung injury include: 

  • Coughing Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Vomiting
  • Sputtering
  • Wheezing
  • A scratchy or persistent cough
  • And fatigue

Safer ways to consume cannabis

Cannabis use increased over the past decade throughout the whole population. The reasons for this are varied, but as with any substance, it is wise to be aware of the effects and dangers of cannabis consumption.

With this in mind, it is natural to seek answers as to how to consume cannabis in the safest ways possible. Some people wonder if there are safer ways of consuming cannabis and if yes, what the best methods are.

  • If you are looking for safer ways to consume cannabis, vaping would be a better option than smoking. Vaping provides a healthier way to inhale cannabinoids and an increased bioavailability.
  • Cannabis oils and wax should be vaped with a vaporizer to minimize the formation of carbonyls. Vaping is considered a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis.
  • You can use a vape pen to consume cannabis.
  • Proper cleaning of your dry herb vaporizer.
  • The proper temperature when using it to vape.
  • As a general rule, never, under any circumstances, consume cannabis in the same way that you would drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. This is because cannabis is much stronger than either of those substances and can lead to both positive and negative effects.

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